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Monitor Support

Our Support Center in Malaysia provides support in English, Swedish, Malay, Mandarin and local Chinese dialects. The staff is divided into five different responsibility areas in order to provide the best possible service; MPC, Economy, EDI/Shipping, Workshop Info and General system/Installation. You will always be put through to the person who specializes in the aspects of MONITOR that your question concerns.

” It is very important to us to provide instant and high quality support to our customers,” says Mr. C. L. Lee, Support Manager, Monitor Malaysia. We have a policy that no one should have to wait for more than three minutes when calling our Support Center. After the initial contact, the support case will be processed and the customers can expect to get feedback within one working day.

Always Close to The Customer” The Support Center strives to work closely to the customer and we have a major advantage in using the same support system and call centre solution as our headquarter in Sweden. This enables a fast and efficient support to our customers,” says Mr. Lee.
“The support personnel can also offer to remote control the customer’s computer to for example troubleshoot or install the MONITOR software. This is a much appreciated and cost effective solution which saves both time and money for our customers,” Mr. Lee concludes.

Contact Asia Support Center
Phone: +604 371 7813
The Support Center is open workdays from 08:00 to 17:00 (MYT)


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