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There are several supplements that you can use to enhance your MONITOR system. These supplements are purchased separately. Below you will find a list of all our supplemets from A to Z. You can also download product info for these. Please contact us for price information.

Please Note! All languages in the MONITOR system is not supported to our options. At interest, ask us which languages are available for each option.

Customer Order Transfer   image_preview

The Customer Order Transfer can be used in cases where a sales company receives an order from a customer and there is a production company (manufacturing company) that takes care of the actual production. The Customer Order Transfer can the automatically transfer the customer orders that are registered in the sales company and create a corresponding customer order in the production company. The delivery of an order is then made in the production company and the Customer Order Transfer will then automatically perform the corresponging delivery of the order in the sales company.

Custom Reports

Custom Reports* is a module where you can create customized queries with your own design of the SQL query, your own layout of the Create tab and also of the list that presents the report. In order to create customized reports you need the report tool SAP Crystal Reports.

* In order to apply the Custom Reports, it is required that someone from your company takes the course “Database Access I and II” held by Monitor ERP System AB. Read more about this course here (in Swedish).

Document Viewing  Document Viewing PDF

The Document Viewing provides you with the opportunity to link different external documents (such as drawings, agreements, etc.) to customers, suppliers, parts and orders. These documents can then be viewed/displayed directly for the record that it has been linked to. A linked drawing might for example be printed in connection with the printing of manufacturing orders. If a revision of the drawing is made, the correct version will always be printed together with the order in question. 

Dynamic Storage System  image_preview

MONITOR Dynamic Storage System creates a link between MONITOR and a dynamic storage system (high bay storage) in order to rationalize storing and picking. The dynamic storage system senses when stock transactions are to be made for stored parts. An order file will then be sent to the high bay storage’s control system and the user gets a complete job that just needs to be started instead of manually having to enter each part that should be picked. If the high bay storage’s control system supports physical inventory, this data will be imported and the physical inventory will also take place in the MONITOR system. 


EDI consists of a number of different EDI message formats* that can be sent to customers and suppliers. The message formats that MONITOR supports are ORDERS, DELINS, CALOFF, DELFOR, AVIEXP, IFTMIN and INVOIC.

* The EDI supplement is divided into the different message formats. If you wish to buy EDI as a supplement you state which formats that you wish to purchase.

Exchange Rate Updater   image_preview

Correct Exchange Rates Directly into MONITOR! The Exchange Rate Updater (ERU) is a program that loads exchange rates from a central bank and then imports these rates into MONITOR. Only rates that are registered in MONITOR will be updated. 

Fax Integration  

The Fax Integration makes the printing of forms that should be sent by fax much more efficient. You do not have to select a receiver separately from a fax program’s address book for each printout. Reference, company and fax number are exported automatically to the fax program from the order header in MONITOR. Printing of an order/quote interval is made automatically to the fax machine. The supported fax program in the Fax Integration is called Zetafax (version 9 and later).

Fixed Asset Register

The Fixed asset register contains a number of procedures for registration of the company’s fixed assets. Here you can also calculate depreciation and print lists for physical inventory and labels for tagging machines etc. in the company.

Management Accounting  image_preview

When using the Management Accounting the stock and WIP transactions become integrated with the accounting (updates the stock and WIP account in the accounting). It contains a “controller function” which provides further control/reconciliation of Pre-calculations, how they coincide with the reality (costs in the income statement). 

MONITOR Agent  image_preview

The MONITOR Agent is a feature that can take care of automatic runs of routine tasks. It is also possible to have the Agent monitoring events in the system.

MONITOR Business Intelligence

MONITOR Business Intelligence (BI) is your help when you make decisions at your company. The BI is standard in MONITOR but is a separate program outside MONITOR. The Program contains 18 different views for the modules in MONITOR. 

MONITOR EIM  image_preview

The Electronic Invoice Management in MONITOR provides you with a ability to electronically manage the company’s supplier invoices. The entire work process from scanning, registration, electronic authorization round, final coding and retrieving becomes much more efficient when using this supplement. 

MONITOR EIM – Filing  image_preview

This is a separate program for filing of invoices that have been scanned using the MONITOR Electronic Invoice Management (EIM). 

MONITOR Machine Integration  image_preview

Do you have full control over interruptions in your production? Is your production as optimal as possible?
Are your post-calculations reliable? MONITOR Machine Integration (MI) helps you to improve your production within the areas mentioned above. MONITOR MI integrates your machines with the MONITOR ERP system. This way the worked hours, quantity and downtime will be reported automatically. You will also have a good overview of the present situation as well as follow-ups of OEE. 

MONITOR Mobile  image_preview

MONITOR Mobile is an application for mobile phones and tablet computers. It helps you to efficiently get an overview of the CRM and to obtain direct access to MONITOR. The application allows you to access information about customers, quotes, orders, and parts, and you can also view key figures about your company from MONITOR. 


MONITOR PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) is an application which makes it possible to run certain MONITOR procedures from a handheld device using Windows Mobile. 

MONITOR Web – EIM  image_preview

MONITOR Web – EIM is a web based version of the Electronic Invoice Management (EIM), which has an even more effective and flexible invoice management since it can be managed via a web browser from any computer. 

MONITOR Web – Shop  image_preview

The web shop provides a simple way for your company to offer customers easy registration of customer orders, allowing them also to trace order status and history and also to access current product information. You can also present news, discount offers and top lists that might be of interest for the customers. -> Demo Shop

See an example of how one of our customers webshop looks like by clicking here.

MONITOR Web – TimeCard  image_preview

MONITOR Web – TimeCard is mainly intended to be used by white-collar employees who work in projects as well as employees who do not work on the company premises on a daily basis and can therefore not record attendance and work order/project. Travelling assemblers, salesmen, etc. can then report their time by themselves instead of having someone else doing it. 

Product Configurator  image_preview

The MONITOR Product Configurator provides system support to manage and combine several variants and executions of a product. Based on a basic model, you can according to the detetmined rules, construct different variants and create different designs, and then calculate prices and create manufacturing orders. The Product configurator helps you to manage a wide range of variants and executions of a product. The benefits are many and of great use within market work, production and aftermarket. 

Service Management  image_preview

A new supplement called "Service Management" has been developed for companies that perform service of their own products. The supplement is used to plan, save and report service engagements. By using this feature you can manage installation tasks and warranty commitments as well as urgent and planned machine service. The Service Management handles service engagements performed at the customer's location or at your own facilities.

Stock Location System  image_preview

The stock location system in MONITOR makes it possible to register the stock locations and by doing so you gain several new features; for example an overview of total, vacant and occupied locations, inventory analysis of location requirement, suggested vacant location during arrival to stock (obtained by storage rules for the parts). The registration of the stock locations is made automatically via a generation to facilitate that workload. 

Tool Register  image_preview

The Tool Register covers everything you need to manage tools such as tool registers and tool groups, a tool depot for withdrawing and returning tools, the possibility to reject, calibrate, color code and perform inventory of tools, as well as a Reorder Point List and Inventory Value List for tools, and a Tool Log. You can also manage tool structures, link tools to a preparation, reserve tools for manufacturing orders etc. 

Warehouse Management  image_preview

The Warehouse Management can be used when a legal entity should be divided into several units. These units might contain a simple distributing warehouse or entire business units that have their own manufacturing and their own complete order flow.


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