ERP System for the Manufacturing Industry

Easy to Implement --> Easy to Use --> Increased Efficiencies + Reduced Costs = Profit

A Standard System is what you need

In today's ever growing competive landscape, specialisation adds the value you need.

Don't entrust your mission critical systems to someone who doesn't understand your industry vetical.  We've been in the business of supplying manufacturing companies with systems they can trust and rely upon for over 35 years.  

That's a lot of time spent focusing on just one industry, don't you think?  Would you trust your dental surgeon if they also spent time consulting on automotive repairs?  Didn't think so.  Specialising means we speak your language, we know your pains, and we've had that in mind every single day for the past 35 years as we've developed the MONITOR ERP System.

With the MONITOR ERP System, whether you purchase one license, or fifty, all six of our modules come as a standard system.  That means you'll have all the functionality of the MONITOR ERP system available to your production, purchasing, sales, inventory, and accounting departments, right out of the box.

If our standard functionality isn't sufficient for your organisation, not to worry, we have a full list of supplemental functionality available for purchase.

The MONITOR ERP System maybe Easy to Implement, and Easy to Use, but don't let that fool you into thinking it's not a serious system.  Today our system is used by over 3000 customers around the world.  Some of our customer have multiple factories located globally, and the MONITOR ERP System is what helps them succeed.


Monitor ERP System Manufacturing Module
The Manufacturing module provides everything you need to plan, control and follow up on your production.
Monitor ERP System Purchasing Module
The Purchase module supports the entire purchase process, from the sending of an inquiry to the accounts payable.
Monitor ERP System Sales Module
In the Sales module you find all functionality regarding customers and sales, from the quote to the accounts receivable.
Monitor ERP System Inventory Module

The Inventory module contains functionality for stock control, material control and physical inventory.

Monitor ERP System Workshop Info
Workshop Info
The Workshop Info is the module closest to the shop floor. The hub of the Workshop Info is the recording terminal where employees record time both for att endance and work.
Monitor ERP System Accounting Module

The Accounting module manages the company's current accounting and follow-ups.

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MONITOR ERP System Benefits

Delivery Reliability
Delivery Reliability
In business, reputaion is everything.  Keep to the promised delivery date you gave your customers when you quoted them.
WIP Inventory
WIP Inventory
When Work In Process - WIP - inventory starts to pile up, there's a problem with flow somewhere in your processes.  Let the system analyse the situation so you can focus on the right problem solution in the right place.
Factory Throughput
Factory Throughput
In most manufacturing companies, increasing throughput is the goal.  By improving your operations systemically, achieving and sustaining your goal is ever closer.

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Monitor ERP System
Monitor ERP System

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