ERP System for the Manufacturing Industry

Founded 1974 in Hudiksvall, Sweden

Production Engineers First

Since 1974

Monitor ERP was founded in the ealy '70s by Ake Persson who was  then working as a production engineer.  Ake was consulting with manufacturing companies in and around Hudiksvall, Sweden doing manual time and motion studies.  At that time, no one was using computers in their businesses, aside from large corporations using multimillion dollar mainframe systems.

Toward the end of the '70s the first microcomputing systems started to appear on the market.  In Sweden then, the Luxor ABC-80 had just appeared on the market.  Ake had his first experience with the ABC-80 at an industry tade show and immediatly understood the opportunity that lay before him.  Together with his brother and current CEO Morgan Persson, and a programming friend, they got to work on developing the very first version of the MONITOR ERP System.  Back then the system was focused on Material Requirements Planning, but today has evolved into a full fledged production management system.

Ake founded our company on the concept of delivering software solutions focused on the manufacturing industry and has never changed since our inception.  Our solutions have evolved over many years of continuous development and improvement to meet the complex requirements of today's manufacturing companies. 

Our development team's experience and knowledge is very deep, with senior developers tenur reaching back to our company's origins.


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