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Monitor ERP System

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Today's manufacturing businesses are a complex mixture of people, technology, and information.  Their management teams want to gain competitive advantage, and win new markets, while striving to build efficient production environments, and optimize processes.  

MONITOR is a complete ERP system, designed to increase the efficiencies of manufacturing companies.  The system has been developed over 40 years by Swedish Engineers who specialise in the manufacturing industry.

MONITOR ERP System is Easy to Implement, and Easy to Use, yet fully capable of managing your complex production business.  

Investing in an ERP system is your first foundational step toward sustainable operational improvement.  

The MONITOR ERP System will help you to:

  • Improve your delivery times.
  • Reduce WIP inventory.
  • Improve your factory Throughput.

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MONITOR ERP System Benefits

Improved Delivery Times
Delivery Reliability
In business, reputaion is everything.  Keep to the promised delivery date you gave your customers when you quoted them.
WIP Inventory
WIP Inventory
When Work In Process - WIP - inventory starts to pile up, there's a problem with flow somewhere in your processes.  Let the system analyse the situation so you can focus on the right problem solution in the right place.
Factory Throughput
Factory Throughput
In most manufacturing companies, increasing throughput is the goal.  By improving your operations systemically, achieving and sustaining your goal is ever closer.

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Monitor ERP System
Monitor ERP System
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